Even the most careful riders can get into an accident, and end up damaging their motorcycle and injuring themselves. The need for motorcycle insurance is absolutely clear. Whether you are riding a moped, a tourist bike, or a sports bike you should get a motorcycle insurance which fulfils your needs and coverage requirements. The best motorcycle insurance companies are the one which strike the right balance between adequate coverage and affordability. You need to know how much is motorcycle insurance and what coverage you need. Geico motorcycle insurance is one of the cheapest insurances available in the market. Whether you are riding a touring bike, cruiser, sportbike, scooters or even a custom bike, Geico has a policy which would exactly suit your needs. Geico motorcycle insurance allows its users to choose a la carte plans for their insurance rather than a specified package. This gives them the freedom to personalise their plans, and include all of the coverage they need.


Geico motorcycle insurance covers you, your bike, and others on the road. It provides a wide range of coverages that you can include in your plan. Bodily injury liability coverage covers you in case you hurt or kill somebody while driving your bike. Geico also provides you with a legal defence in case a lawsuit is filed against you. Collision coverage covers the damage done to your motorcycle when it hits an object or another vehicle, during an accident. Accessory coverage is an additive for collision coverage and provides protection for your bike accessories like radio or seats. Comprehensive physical damage coverage is provided by Geico, which covers losses which occurs from incidents other than accidents. It includes theft, vandalism, or fire. Towing and labour coverage is provided in case your motorcycle breaks down in the middle of the road, and you need help to reach to the nearest service centre. Medical coverage is also offered by Geico. It covers both the owner as well as the passenger travelling on the motorcycle during an accident.


With Geico, you can either pay your motorcycle insurance on a monthly basis, or choose to pay in four, six, or nine-month instalments. It also offers discounts to their new as well as loyal customers. Newcomers switching to Geico from their previous insurers, get an automatic discount of 10%. Similarly, if you choose to renew your motorcycle insurance with Geico you get the same loyalty discount. With Geico insuring motorcycles and riders since 1978, it is one of the most trusted insurers of the United States. Geico provides big protection for your motorcycle at a very affordable price. They also offer a fast, 24*7 customer service which is an added advantage and is very helpful while handling claims. Geico stands out of the crowd with its customisable plans, deductibles and affordable pricing.